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The Internet's FIRST Movie Poster Discussion Group
MoPo was founded on February 24, 1995

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The MoPo Mailing List is an Internet e-mail based discussion forum for collectors of all kinds of movie memorabilia. If you collect  Posters (from One-Sheets to Six-Sheets), Lobby Cards, Inserts or any kind of movie-related collectible, the MoPo Mailing List is for you. Our list is not a web-based discussion forum, but remains old-school, relying on Listserv technology.  Once you are a member, you will begin receiving e-mail messages from other list members and any messages you send to our posting address will be distributed to others in the group. You have the option to receive e-mails individually, in real time as they are sent, or in a daily digest e-mail, which consolidates all messages received for the day. Details on how to adjust your options can be found in the MoPo FAQ.  The MoPo was founded in 1995, the Internet's first public mailing list dedicated to the collecting of movie memorabilia. Today group membership numbers around 300. 

Just what is a MoPo? MoPo is short for MOvie POster, the primary topic of discussion on the MoPo Mailing List. Of course, list members are free (and encouraged) to discuss any aspect related to movies and movie memorabilia.

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The List is a great place to buy, sell or trade movie items and to make contact with others around the world who collect movie memorabilia. Everyone is welcome--from beginner  to expert. Best of all, there is never a charge to use the MoPo Mailing List.  If you're new to Internet mailing lists, please read Section 1 of the MoPo FAQ for a complete overview of how our mailing list operates.



You should note that the MoPo Mailing List is an open, unmoderated forum. The contents of any messages posted to the group are the sole responsibility of the author.



What you'll find on the MoPo Mailing List Home Page:

  The FAQ, which provides a comprehensive overview of the hobby.

  The MoPo Archive allows you to view & search past group posts (beginning with July 2004).

  Links to other sources of information on the Internet. 

   A comprehensive list of dealers specializing in movie memorabilia.

  MoPo Remembers, which honors the memory of Hollywood greats that have left us.

  Easy MoPo Mailing List subscription information.

  Information on how to un-subscribefrom the MoPo Mailing List.


All of these areas can be accessed by clicking on the navigation bar on the left or by clicking the links above. You must have Java enabled to see the navigation bar and for other features on filmfan.com.  




Please note: The poster images you see on this web site are NOT available for purchase from filmfan.com. If you are interested in purchasing any of these posters, please check Section 6 of the MoPo FAQ for a complete list of dealers who may be able to help you.

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