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The One and Only Hollywood Sign


Well, technically there aren't any posters here, but this is a site that will inspire any true movie fan (if the smog allows). While the glitter may be gone from the classic Hollywood of yesteryear, this famous landmark survives. Check out a current photo--during daylight hours, US Pacific Time.

Internet Movie Poster Awards

The Steve McQueen Film Poster Site

This is the go-to site for current movie posters, featuring one of the largest collections of movie posters on the Internet. You can search by actor name, director, designer and year. The images are always first rate and the site is always up-to-date. They just don't get any better than this!

Fans of actor Steve McQueen will find a large number of poster images from his movies, beginning with his screen debut in 1956's "Somebody Up There Likes Me" and ending with "The Hunter" in 1980. Included are many rarely seen posters from outside the US.  There are an astonishing 23 different posters displayed for 1958's "The Blob." Great Site.

Poster Mania

The Star Wars Poster Page

This site is heaven for fans of classic sci-fi. You'll find pages devoted to aliens, monsters, space and classics, mostly from the 1950's, with a few more recent titles also shown. Here you'll find poster images from the three "Star Wars" films, including a poster for "Revenge of the Jedi" before the title was changed to "Return of the Jedi." Site appears to be orphaned.  SITE CURRENTLY DOWN.


Humphrey Bogart Posters

For Humphrey Bogart fans, this official site will put you in Bogie heaven with tons of information about the classic star, including an abundant poster collection.

Theatre Historic Society 

Learn About Movie Posters

This group is the only non-profit organization in the US that is dedicated to preserving the history of American movie theatres.  Be sure to check out the links section, featuring more than 150 sites that feature movie palaces from across the country, some that have survived, and others that are lost forever. The name says it all...this free site offers a sizable amount of helpful information about collecting movie posters. For the easiest access, once you open the site, click on "Index." From there, you are a click away from information on just about every topic applicable to collecting movie paper.


Star Wars  Movie Posters

Fans of "Star Wars" will go galactic over this site. It claims to be the largest and most comprehensive "Star Wars" theatrical poster archive on the net....a claim the content definitely backs up. "Star Wars" posters from all around the world are here.

When you're in the mood to look at movie posters, the Movie Poster Database is the place to go. Started in 2004, the site now features more than 100,000 images. Movie Poster Database works on an unusual concept: Users are free to download a poster image as long as they upload one they already have. For those with nothing to share can buy credits that allow downloads. The money raised by the sale of credits goes towards adding server capacity.  

I Collect Movie Posters

100 Illustrated Horror Posters

Described as "the movie poster collector's portal," the site offers free collection software, a movie poster price guide, movie poster forums, articles, image galleries and much more. This 2008 entry in the blog called wellmedicated  (maintained by Canadian freelance web designer Andrew Lindstrom) features some outstanding examples of horror and sci-fi posters from year's past. This link is to part 1...be sure to visit part 2 as well. That link follows the last image, a Jaws 1-Sheet.

Reel Classics

 The Fay Wray Pages

A massive collection of information about classic movies, curently boasting more than 2400 pages and 3 gigabytes of data.  The site debuted in 1997 and has been going strong ever since. You'll find lots of movie posters and stills here. Site-owner Elizabeth has created a winner. This wonderful fan site pays homage to the 1930's Scream Queen Fay Wray, better known as King Kong's girlfriend. One of the highlights of this site is its Filmography which features many posters and stills from Wray's movies. Don't miss the many audio and video clips.


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