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Last Update10 February 2016

This is the FAQ for the MoPo Mailing List 

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NOTE: The Usenet newsgroup is no longer associated with the MoPo Mailing List.

This FAQ is an evolving document. Suggestions, contributions and comments are welcome. Please send them to the FAQ editor. Acknowledgements: All the folks on the MoPo who supplied useful information and generously gave recommendations and advice, but in particular, the folks listed below.

FAQ Editor:

Scott Burns


Michael Danese Evan Zweifel
Barbara Franchi Michael J. Spampinato
James Kisner John Green
Mahtab Moayeri Martin May



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1.0 The Basics: How the MoPo List Works

1.1 How do I subscribe or unsubscribe?
1.2 How do I post to the MoPo?
1.3 What other listserv commands should I know?
1.4 What is
1.5 What is appropriate for discussion on the list?
1.6 Are business ads welcome?


When should I use a private reply instead of posting to the list?
1.8 How do I get past MoPo posts?
1.9 What does MoPo mean?
1.10 When did the list begin?


2.0 The ABC's of Collecting Movie Posters and Other Memorabilia

2.1 What items are generally available to collect and what are their sizes?
2.2 What are the various "grades" used to describe poster condition?
2.3 What about other movie-related memorabilia?
2.4 How is the value of an item determined?
2.5 How do I know what to buy?
2.6 How do I tell an original poster from a copy?
2.7 What else should I know about movie posters?


3.0 Caring For Your Collection

3.1 How should I take care of my paper memorabilia?
3.2 How do I remove tape residue or other undesired markings safely?
3.3 What are some sources of archival materials?
3.4 Why should I have a poster restored?
3.5 What is linen mounting?
3.6 What will restoration work cost?
3.7 Are there alternatives to linen mounting?
3.8 What is encapsulation?
3.9 What about dry-mounting?
3.10 How do I find a qualified restorer?
3.11 How do I frame a poster?
3.12 What are some sources for framing materials?
3.13 What are the 2 worst places to store your collection?
3.14 What about insuring my collection?


4.0 Reference Materials on Movie Memorabilia

4.1 What magazines/newspapers deal with movie memorabilia?
4.2 What price guides are available?
4.3 Are there any good books about collecting movie memorabilia?
4.4 Where else on the Internet might I find information?


5.0 Sources for Buying Movie Memorabilia


Are there any annual shows or events?
5.2 What about auctions?
5.3 How do you find a reputable dealer?
5.4 What is the proper way to conduct Internet transactions?
5.5 Are there any tips for shipping posters via mail or UPS?
5.6 What are other sources for memorabilia?
5.7 How do I SELL my collection?


6.0 Dealer List


Dealer information table.

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