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The Basics: How the MoPo Mailing List Works

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1.1 How do I subscribe or unsubscribe?

To subscribe to the MoPo List send an e-mail message to:

In the BODY of your message type:

SUBSCRIBE MOPO-L your full name

An automated response will be sent to you from the listserv that operates the MoPo List. You must respond to this message within 48 hours to confirm your subscription and to verify your e-mail address.

If you want to leave the list send an e-mail message to:

In the BODY of your message type:


If you change Internet Service Providers, you MUST sign-off your old address before closing that account--or please notify the listowner [] that you need a non-working address removed from the subscriber list. If an old address is left on the system, the listowner gets bombarded with countless error reports. Please be considerate!

Once your subscription becomes active, you will begin receiving messages from other MoPo list subscribers via e-mail. If you've never joined an Internet mailing list before, you may be surprised by the large volume of e-mail that you may receive. Many subscribers will configure their mail program to automatically place MoPo mail into its own folder or inbox. You can also ask the listserv to hold all MoPo e-mail and send it to you in a single daily message. Details on how to do this can be found in Section 1.3.

1.2 How do I post to the MoPo?

You must be subscribed to the list to post messages. If you attempt to post using an e-mail address other than what is on the subscriber list, your post will be rejected by the listserv and returned to you. 

To post a message to the MoPo, send your message via e-mail to:

When your message is received by the listserv it is then "reflected" to all members of the list. When you first join the list, you are automatically set up so that any message YOU post is NOT sent back to you by the listserv. If you are the untrusting type and wish to have verification that your message did indeed make it to the list you should tell the listserv that you want a copy of your message sent back to you.

To do this send a message to with the command SET MOPO-L REPRO in the body of your message. If you prefer just a simple acknowledgement from the listserv that your message has been sent, send a message to the listserv address with the command SET MOPO-L ACK NOREPRO. To turn off the acknowledgement feature send this command to the listserv: SET MOPO-L NOACK.

NOTHING else should be in your message to the listserv, including signatures!

When you send a message to the listserv, the software automatically puts [MOPO] as the first thing in the subject line. This makes identifying MoPo-related messages much easier for all subscriber. It also allows you to set up your mail program to automatically place MoPo messages into a separate mail folder if you desire.

When posting a message to the list make sure your Subject Line reflects the actual content of your posting. Try to use the following shorthand to help communicate more effectively:

FS: For Sale

FT: For Trade

FA: For Auction

WTB: Want to Buy

OT: Off-Topic 

An example of a subject line you would use for a message with One-Sheets for sale:

FS: 1970's One-Sheets

It would then appear like this to list subscribers:

[MOPO] FS: 1970's One-Sheets

A reminder: The default REPLY for the list is to the original sender of the post. If your comment would be of interest to everyone on the list, remember to change the TO: address to

There is a suggested limit of 2 posts a day per list subscriber. This is to prevent those who have size limits (quotas) on their e-mail accounts from exceeding those limits and to prevent overloading your fellow list member's inboxes.  Please try to combine your comments into a single message if at all possible. The 2 posts a day is voluntary, and in some situations it is permissible to post more than twice.  The listserv does have a limit on the number of posts it will even accept from a member's e-mail address. Once that number has been reached the listserv will reject the post and send a notice to the subscriber.

A note about MoPo netiquette:

Please remember to be considerate of other's feelings.  If someone posts an opinion that conflicts with yours, posts too frequently (by your definition), or does anything that causes you distress, please use your delete key.  Then count to ten before firing off a nasty note to that individual or posting your "concern" to the entire group.  Words on a screen do hurt.  As new members join the list (daily, by the way), let's give them a break. Read on for a few words about responsibility...

A note about MoPo responsibility:

As with any large group of individuals, there are bound to be differences of opinion. The various personalities of those subscribing to the MoPo Mailing List in combination with the inadequacies of the written word can lead to misunderstandings, anger, stupidity and sometimes cyber-abuse!  Like road rage, cyber-rage is a very real thing. While not common on this list, incidents sometimes arise.

This listserv operates in an unmoderated format...that is, no one reads the posts before they are distributed to the list members. The author of each post is responsible for his or her own words and must bear the repercussions of those words. Neither the listowner nor American University which generously provides listserv service is accountable for anything posted to the MoPo Mailing List. List members who violate our rules of responsibility can be removed with no notice and will not be permitted to resubscribe.

A few friendly suggestions on how to be a  good MoPo'er...and the consequences if you're not:

The vast majority of the time MoPo is a friendly, easy-going place. If everyone would treat his fellow list members with courtesy and respect, there suggestions wouldn't be necessary. If you wouldn't say something in a face-to-face situation, don't say it in an e-mail post.

1.3 What other listserv commands should I know about?

All listserv commands must be sent to this address:

A command of QUERY MOPO-L will generate an e-mail listing of how your MoPo list options are currently set-up.

If you will be unavailable to read your mail for more than a few days (such as going away on vacation) you can ask the listserv to temporarily stop sending messages to your address. Send the command SET MOPO-L NOMAIL. To resume normal delivery, send SET MOPO-L MAIL.

You can also set your MoPo subscription to NOMAIL if you prefer to read the posts via our web-based Mail Archive. By being a subscriber, but not having the listserv e-mail you MoPo postings, the listserv will still recognize your e-mail address as a valid subscriber and will allow you to post to the group.

Postings to the list can be received individually (as they come in to the listserv) or once a day in a digest form. When you subscribe you are automatically placed on the non-digest form of the list. If you desire the daily digest send the command SET MOPO-L DIGEST. If you are on the digest mode and wish to switch back to individual postings, send SET MOPO-L INDEX.

For more listserv options send the command INFO REFCARD to the listserv address and a more complete guide will be e-mailed to you. You can also access the complete listserv users manual at:

1.4 What was

Until July 1999, the MoPo List was "gatewayed" to this Usenet newsgroup, meaning that all messages to the listserv were automatically posted to the bit newsgroup and any postings to the bit group were automatically sent to all MoPo List members. When the MoPo began, this was done to give the list more exposure and allow more people to participate. However, American University decided to discontinue this service, thus ending the MoPo's association with this newsgroup. Over the years, the popularity of Usenet newsgroups has diminished greatly, however the platform still exists and is still functioning. Users will need to decide about the usefulness of content found there.

While owes its existence to the MoPo List, it continues without our participation. If you wish to view postings made to this group, you will have to access it as you would any Usenet newsgroup, such as Google Groups, accessible via web browser.

1.5 What is appropriate for discussion on the list?

Anything related to the hobby of collecting movie memorabilia is acceptable for discussion. This includes all paper memorabilia (such as posters, inserts, lobby cards, stills, press kits, banners or standees), autographs, books and soundtracks. Also welcome are want lists, for sale lists, discussion about auctions or upcoming special events, and particularly encouraged, personal exchanges about what you collect and why.

Large image files (GIFS, JPEGS, etc.) should NOT be posted to the list; in fact the listserv will reject them. Such files can be announced as available to all list members, but should only be sent to individuals requesting them. HTML links within posts (that direct a reader to a site or display images from a site) are acceptable.

1.6 Are business ads welcome?

A very guarded "yes." Companies that specialize in movie memorabilia, be it a large operation or an individual, are often the only way for many collectors to obtain items. Therefore such postings are welcome. But the list owners reserve the right to remove anyone who makes a nuisance of him or herself or is found to be less than ethical in his or her business dealings with MoPo members.

eBay Ads

The popularity of the eBay auction site (see FAQ Section 5.2), while being a bonanza to collectors, has created a problem on the MoPo. Overanxious eBay sellers flood the daily postings with ad referrals. PLEASE...if you must advertise your auction(s) do so in ONE message only. DO NOT list each auction item in a separate e-mail.

1.7 When should I use a private reply instead of posting to the list?

If someone posts a list of items for sale and you wish to strike a deal with that person, PRIVATE e-mail is appreciated. The same goes if you are responding to a person's want list. Just remember, when you're trying to make a deal you don't want a few hundred people listening in to your private transaction!

The REPLY default on the list is set to the original sender of the message. If you feel your message is pertinent for all list members, be sure to use the address instead. While you may feel that the information you are contributing would be of interest only to the person who asked, remember there are many novice collectors on the list who might also benefit from the information.

1.8 How do I get past MoPo posts?

A searchable web-based archive is available. The most recent 1000 MoPo messages can be viewed online at:

This archive is also searchable (by using any word or author's name) and has MoPo posts beginning in mid July 2004.

You can also always see the latest posts made to MoPo on this web site's home page in the box labeled: "What we're talking about right now..."

An important reminder: Because MoPo maintains a public archive of posts and these posts are searchable via search engines such as Google and Yahoo, please consider this before posting anything you might regret tomorrow, next week or when you decide to run for public office 10 years from now.

1.9 What does MoPo mean?

MoPo is short for MOvie POster. In keeping with Internet tradition, a short and unique name had to be created to name the list. You can blame (praise?) the author of this FAQ for MoPo. It could have been worse...originally the list was to be called the MoPoCo (for MOvie POster COllectors)! By the way, the 2 o's in MoPo are long--the name is pronounced mow-po. Love it or hate it, we're stuck with it now.

1.10 When did the list begin?

The idea to start the MoPo began in January 1995. Scott Burns and Mahtab Moayeri discussed the formation of a Usenet group for movie memorabilia. Since rec.arts.movies was just beginning a discussion on reorganization (which was completed later in 1995), it was proposed that a movie memorabilia group be included in the reorganization. The leaders of rec.arts.movies thought that due to the complexity of the reorganization (and its controversies), we should wait until later to try for an official Usenet group and they proposed we try the mailing list idea first. 

Not having a site available for an automated listserv, a crude distribution list was created with 11 MoPo pioneers. The MoPo began in early February 1995. The original members were Scott Burns, Mahtab Moayeri, Michael Danese, Rob Ellis, Donna Tschetter, Goh Kai Shen, Evan Zweifel, George Nichol, Cynthia Nemeth-Johannes, Adam Ehrlich and Jeff Static (subscribed with AOL screen name Static555).

On February 24, 1995 Adam Ehrlich was able to get the MoPo on American University's listserv and the official MoPo List began. Shortly thereafter, the list was linked to the newsgroup. This link was discontinued in July 1999 when American University closed its Usenet gateway.. The owner of the MoPo List is Scott Burns.

The first public announcement about the MoPo List was made on the rec.antiques Usenet newsgroup. For the sake of history here is that original MoPo birth announcement:

From: sburns@***** (Scott Burns)
Newsgroups: rec.antiques
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Movie Memorabilia Mailing List
Date: 1 Mar 1995 22:02:50 -0500
Organization: The Greater Columbus Freenet
Lines: 26
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Now Showing: The MoPo List!

The MoPo (short for Movie Poster) is a new mailing list for collectors of
movie memorabilia. If you're into one-sheets, lobby cards, stills,
inserts, or any movie collectible, then join us on the MoPo!

To subscribe send e-mail to:

In the BODY of your message type:

SUBSCRIBE MOPO-L "YOUR NAME" (without the quotation marks)

This is a brand new list, created by a small group of collectors who have
a passion for talking about movie memorabilia. We'd love to hear about
what you have in your collection or what you're looking for. Collect a
certain star or film genre? Ever wonder how to protect your collection
from the ravages of time? All are suitable for discussion on the MoPo! If
you need more info, please e-mail me at the address below.
Scott Burns                             "All of life's mysteries
sburns@*****        are explained in the movies."

The MoPo Web Site was launched on February 1, 1998. The site moved to its own domain ( in January 1999. Why don't we have the domain you ask? For years, TV star Maury Povich owned it (for his MoPo Productions). The domain was later abandoned and put up for sale. It now belongs to the Chinese.

 Webmasters for are Rob Ellis [webmasterATfilmfanDOTcom] and Scott Burns.

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